Gordy Moufarrej



Working for Houston Laval Centropolis for a year as a chef de cuisine, Gordy is a passionate and meticulous chef. Cooking is a family thing and it is following his uncle’s step that made him want to be in a kitchen too. In 1994, Gordy registered at Pearson School of Culinary Arts from which he will later graduate with honors.

He got his first job as a cook at Chez la Mère Tucker restaurant. He then became chef de partie at La Queue de Cheval as well as Newtown restaurant downtown Montreal. His creativity and his know-how are manifested in the quality of ingredients that he uses. Gordy makes sure that the freshness and the simple flavor of his ingredients are expressed in each dish. For him, the secret of being a good chef is reflected in his determination to make his team motivated, enthusiastic and ready to face a kitchen full of challenges.